Minion Raid: Epic MonstersNew!
  • Minion Raid: Epic Monsters – Your path to becoming an Overlord

    A chaotic bunch of fighting minions has been waiting exactly for a strict trainer like you who can handle them... Train the mini-monsters in martial arts and conquer one territory after another! Your minions can also gain special abilities and that way become fierce opponents on the battlefield. Use the little fighters strategically and skillfully plan your battles. Then you'll soon become the dreaded overlord of the underworld. Not even the most fierce three-headed Cerberus will be able to stop you and your fighting force! And you'll be ready for fabulous tournaments in PvP mode. With all your successes on the battlefield, you've also earned some gold. Use it to train your minions even better and also further develop your own trainer skills. Who's going to stop you now?
  • Little fighters in the spotlight: Epic Monsters

    From a clumsy minion to a well-trained fighting monster - that's what you can experience in this idle fighting game. But you don't have to fight the battles yourself, instead you’ll become a successful minion trainer. The better your own trainer skills are, the stronger your little fighters will become. Soon they will be ready for their first battles against creepy creatures of the underworld. A clever strategy will help you gain the upper hand. How do you line up your troops? Who will be in the front line and who will attack from the background? Discover the weaknesses of your opponents and you will defeat them all! And if your job as a minion trainer isn't enough for you, you can also join a guild and take part in battles together.
  • Minion Raid: Epic Monsters – mini monsters on the prowl

    They are small, fierce, and need a trainer: the mini monsters in Minion Raid: Epic Monsters. You can train them to take part in battles for you. Because the underworld currently doesn't have an overlord, a battle for supremacy has broken out. Your minions will develop their combat abilities during training and can continue to level up through evolution. Special abilities are especially important on the battlefield. But your battle strategy is just as important: Which minion do you use when and where to teach your opponents what fear is? Among other things, gold is a reward for victories. Use it to train your minions even better and also to upgrade your own trainer skills. Even tournaments are held in the underworld – these are executed in PvP mode. Do you feel ready for your minion mission?

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